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Werner Herzog Says ‘The Internet Has Its Glorious Side’. […] the German filmmaker Werner Herzog, 73, has managed to gracefully pivot from outrageous and eccentric narrative films ("Aguirre: Wrath of God," "Fitzcarraldo") to poignant and poetic documentaries ("Cave of Forgotten Dreams"). Now, Mr. Herzog has set his eye on the internet, or what he calls "the thing. "

"Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World" (the title is a mild spoiler) traces the internet’s rise from its bewildering inception on California college campuses in the late 1960s and offers postulations about its future and possibilities from experts, some of them dread-filled and others hopeful. […] Here are edited excerpts from that conversation. […]

I read that you don’t carry a cellphone. Sometimes you consult Google, but you’re kind of a neophyte?

Not a complete neophyte. I started using the internet, but basically for emails. Very early on. But I do not have a cellphone, because I don’t want to be connected all the time. […]

What about the addicts? Do we have to have sympathy for the internet addicts that you interview?

They’re people who are professionally dealing with addiction, they tell you it’s as serious like an addiction to heroin.

Are you concerned about the power of the web?

We have to be aware that the internet is very vulnerable to attacks. Be it cyberterrorism or be it natural disasters, for example solar flares, which may stop all communication between ground-based tools. We have to be cautious because it’s not only our communications that will be affected. Our electrical grid. Our water supply. […] The internet has its glorious side. As I show in the film, millions participated in a video game in order to decipher a complicated enzyme. The most powerful supercomputers in the world could not solve it, but the community of video gamers called to the task solved it, and it’s now of huge importance in research in basics of cancer and AIDS.

Is that the exception to the rule?

No, that’s the rule. I think the exception is the dark side.


SPITZ, Marc. Werner Herzog Says ‘The Internet Has Its Glorious Side’. The New York Times, 18 Aug. 2016. Available at:. Accessed on: 25 Aug. 2016.

Read the text and choose the correct option.

I. "has managed" (line 1) describes an action in the past.

II. "has managed" (line 1) is in the simple present.

III. In "has managed" (line 1), the verb "have" behaves as an auxiliary verb.

IV. In "has managed" (line 1), the verb "manage" is in the simple past.


Sentences I and II are correct.


Sentences I and III are correct.


Sentences II and III are correct.


Sentences I and IV are correct.

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